Kalimbera Nightingale - Resonance box Kalimba
Kalimbera Buzzard - Piezo Pick-up Kalimba
Kalimbera Killdeer - Resonance box Kalimba
Kalimbera Blue Killdeer - Resonance box Kalimba
Kalimbera Lark - Resonance box Kalimba
Kalimba Arts & Entertainment Cuckoo - Flat board (new) Kalimba
Kalimbera Blue Jay - Flat board Kalimba
Kalimbera Canary - Flat board Kalimba
Kalimbera Goldfinch - Flat board Kalimba
Kalimbera Flamingo - Flat board Kalimba
Kalimbera Dove - Flat board Kalimba
Kalimbera Crane - Flat board (acrylic - new) Kalimba
Kalimbera Wren - Flat Board (new) Kalimba
Kalimbera Wren - Flat Board (21 key - new) Kalimba
Kalimbera Hummingbird - Flat board (Mini) Kalimba
Kalimba Arts & Entertainment Owl - Flat board (Mini) Kalimba
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Each one includes

1 * Standard Carry-bag 1 * Tuning Hammer 3 * Stickers 1 * Instructions Booklet (NOTE: The Hummingbird Kalimba is shipped without the above listed items)

What is a Kalimba instrument? - The Kalimba was created around 1950, and it follows the Mbira instrument of Ancient African origins. It is now also known as the Thumb Piano or the Finger Piano.

Easy to carry - Thanks to its lightweight (0.6kg/1.3lb), it will animate any party, camping trip, or family dinner you’re going to bring it to!

A High-Quality Gift - Completely handcrafted with high quality mahogany, pine, padauk, and high quality steel rods. It is the perfect gift for your beloved one!

A Healing Musical Instrument - You can use it as a therapeutic tool, it produces powerful vibrations that penetrate your soul, and might just change your life!

Meditative and Peaceful - Zone out from the usual mindless internet scrolling and take your relaxing moment plucking away with your thumbs! A great solution to replace mindless internet scrolling with something artsy and pleasant.

Perfect for beginners - When we say “The instrument anyone can play” we really mean that! It is designed to sound good even in untrained hands, so you don't require any musical theory knowledge! 


  • Music improves memory
  • Music helps develop language and reasoning skills
  • Music increases coordination
  • Music students learn self-discipline
  • Music offers a strong sense of accomplishment
  • Music develops creative and critical thinking
  • Music develops a child’s imagination and intellectual curiosity

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Material: [body: Mahogany] + [keys: High-Quality Steel]
The key bend design is more suitable for finger plucked so that you could play it more comfortably and smoothly.

Dimension: 18.50 cm X 13.50 cm X 3.20 cm / 7.28inch X 5.31inch X 1.25inch
The classic box design makes it portable to travel or party, and the tines are accessible for all hand-sizes. 

Note: The new generation of Kalimbas have a thumb support so you can rest your thumb and play more relaxed and comfortably.

kalimba fingerpiano finger-piano thumbpiano thumb-piano kalimbashop
    • Easy to play: Just pluck the tines with your thumb tip or thumb nail to create the wonderful music that will keep your day going.
    • Clear and melodious sound: Made from advanced metal tines and mahogany wood. Notes are sustained steadily for longer. The mahogany resonance makes the sound more soothing and beautiful.
    • Portable design: Small and supplied with a portable fabric bag for easy carrying. An excellent choice for relaxing, decompressing, traveling, etc.
    • High-quality materials: Handcrafted with high-quality mahogany and ore steel rods, which gives you a better feeling for hearing, seeing, and touching.
    • Immediately playable: The music book contains a coordinated Kalimba. The notation is engraved in prongs, making it a perfect finger piano for beginners and children.
    • Easy to maintain: Simply wipe your Kalimba with a wet cloth to remove any smudge or dirt, and then remove the extra water with a dry cloth.

    The sound of this instrument is amazing, so much so that even playing wrong notes sounds beautiful!

    The first thing that will come to your mind when you strike the tines on your Kalimba will be “Wow, it’s alive!”

    Why? Because the sound of the Kalimba is so amazing and mesmerizing, that even if you do not have music education, by tapping on the different tines specifically arranged to create harmonies, you can improvise and create melodies effortlessly!

    • A great hobby and relaxing instrument
    • Helps you get off your phone
    • Introduce yourself to music