Helping mother nature one Kalimba at a time

Kalimbera and Tree-Nation Partnership

Rooted in tradition and celebrating the rich African heritage, Kalimbera is fully dedicated to conventional values and ways. Our purpose goes beyond creating music; it is about upholding a way of life that transcends geography, religion, and ethnicity. We are committed to erasing the boundaries between us. A Kalimba may be a small piano for some, played using the finger and the thumb, but it also is an integral part of the African tradition.

Kalimbera and the environment

Just like the scintillating and all-embracing music of a Kalimba, we believe in creating a community that thrives on inclusivity and diversity. At Kalimbera, we are mindful of the harmful impact human activity has had on traditional ways of life as well as the environment, both of which are intimately interconnected.
Climate change and the ensuing devastating effects in the form of forest fires, floods, and extinction of entire species is truly a wake-up call for all. The felling of trees, draining of marshes, and polluting seas has trigged the need for action, and the sooner it is taken, the better.

At Kalimbera, we are aware of the adverse effect of our business activity on the environment, which is why we have taken steps to impact the environment positively. Our mission is not simply to cancel out the negative impact of crafting Kalimbas but to have a lasting positive effect through our effort.

One order equals one tree

Owning a Kalimba is no longer about preserving a forgotten cultural art form; it is about saving the planet. The money you spend on getting a Kalimba goes into supporting the environment. Every single Kalimba bought at Kalimbera translates into a new tree planted somewhere around the world.

While you weave magical tunes through the motions of your fingers and thumb, you are weaving a patchwork needed to rescue our planet that is in dire straits. It all comes full circle by keeping the values dear to us and the environment they thrive in safe and sound.

Kalimbera's Partnership with Tree-Nation

We have partnered with Tree-Nation, which is among the most reputable charities around the world set-up with the sole purpose of enabling individuals as well as organizations to plant trees. They are driven to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reforestation and planting trees in areas where deforestation has occurred. It is about setting the balance right and undoing the damage of many centuries. Kalimbera's efforts are a drop in the bucket, a bucket that desperately needs every drop it can.

In the first 10 days since we partnered up, Kalimbera has helped fund the planting of 474 trees across the globe. This means that a total area of 0.25 hectares has been reclaimed, and CO2 emissions of over 51 tons have been offset. Our project sites include Nepal, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, France, Thailand, and Argentina, a testament to just how global the outreach is for this program. Tree-Nation and Kalimbera are reversing the negative impact of climate change one tree at a time, and our customers are the real driving force behind this mission.

Thank you all for being part of this movement!


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